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Reducing Poverty in America

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  • The question is as old as America itself – what is our obligation to the least among us? There is a sense in some circles that the disparity between America’s haves and its have-nots is growing – that the failure of our inner-city schools, for example, is leaving urban young people unprepared for serious employment in a high technology world. Morally or economically, can we afford to ignore the trend?

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    Poverty in America

    Made by Luke, Josh, and Pat, this video shows the injustice of poverty in America and around the world. After watching it please share it with your family and friends.

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     Poverty and Welfare in America overview Political Agenda

    When Congress voted in 1996 to enact sweeping changes in the way the federal government provides public assistance to the poor, the goal -- in the words of former President Clinton -- was to "end welfare as we know it."

     National Poverty Center (NPC) University of Michigan

    Resource for discussions about poverty.

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