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Stoking the Fire (1/2)

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  • More reasons why we need to join together to reunite our country:

    • The Perfect Storm For Unity08?: "Elections that really turn the country in a new direction are rare, coming only once in a generation or so," Wall Street Journal reports. "Americans will make that choice at a time when they are distinctly uneasy. Record numbers of voters are choosing to declare themselves politically independent -- and thus open to moving either left or right. Both the Republican president and the Democratic Congress are receiving historically low public-approval ratings, another sign of voter unease. More broadly, the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll has in recent months found the nation to be in the midst of the most prolonged period of public dissatisfaction in 15 years, as measured by the share of voters who say the country is 'on the wrong track.' ... In one sense change is inevitable ... The election could produce leaders who figure out how to transcend ideology and partisan identities to form a kind of unity government that tackles issues such as Social Security and health care."
    • If They Can't Connect With Their Core Voters, How Can They Unite ALL Of America? According to the latest Associated Press/Yahoo News poll, just 42% of Democrats "are very or extremely satisfied with the amount of attention their favored candidates are giving to the issues that matter most to them," while only 32% of Republicans feel that way about their candidates.
    • There's Gotta Be A Better Way To Select The Leader Of The Free World: Washington Post looks at Iowa and New Hampshire, two states that "guard the campaign trail as though they own it. ... Their influence on national politics is wildly disproportionate to their modest populations. Neither has anything that could be called a large city, or a slum, or a sprawling suburb. Both are dotted with small towns where everyone knows everyone else. One is very white, the other whiter still. Meanwhile, New York Times looks at how the caucus system excludes some Iowans: "Because the caucuses, held in the early evening, do not allow absentee voting, they tend to leave out nearly entire categories of voters: the infirm, soldiers on active duty, medical personnel who cannot leave their patients, parents who do not have baby sitters, restaurant employees on the dinner shift, and many others who work in retail, at gas stations and in other jobs that require evening duty."
    • Quotable: "I'm an American before I'm a Republican" -- Ex-Sen. John Danforth (R-MO).
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