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Searching for Moderate Guiding Principles on Abortion

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  • Are there a set of statements on abortion upon which moderates can agree? How about:

    We aren't pro-abortion.

    Even if we are pro-choice, we don't want a proliferation of abortions in this country.

    One effective way to reduce abortions is by reducing unwanted pregnancies in the first place.

    If we can look at ways to dramatically reduce unwanted pregnancies (in a method that doesn't infringe on civil rights), that could potentially nullify the issue.

    There are times when abortion should be legal - in the cases of rape, incest, or to save the mother's life.

    It is telling that many pro-life advocates will agree to times when abortion should be legal. It points at least to a small potential for compromise.

    There are times when abortion should be illegal - in the cases of child viability

    It is also telling that many pro-choice advocates will agree that when the child is viable, abortion is murder (especially with the extreme case of when a child is actively being born). So again this points for the potential for compromise.


    So what does this tell us?

    Maybe the moderate stance has nothing to do Roe v. Wade or abortion amendments, but having a strong plan for abortion reduction. Have NIH give grants to conduct research in adolescent psychology and reproductive science to look for innovative and affordable ways for avoiding unwanted pregnancy. Have the Department of Education conduct real research to find effective education and policy to reduce teen pregnancies.

    A moderate stance could be: "We don't like abortion but we don't want to rewrite the constitution. Instead let's stop abortion at its source through education and research."

    Are there other principles that could be added? Are there other compromises ( ) that can be traced to guiding moderate principles?

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