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    It is difficult to become excited about a campaign that is focused solely upon money and power. How else would one explain the extension of the '08 campaign to unprecedented lengths? It certainly has nothing to do with voter education or awareness.

    The reasonable alternative for this election would appear to be the selection of a Republican maverick and a Democratic maverick to run together. The '08 campaign has done little to allow development of a viable third party, something that is desperately needed.


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    Ron Paul: House of Cards

    Government Efficiency: How to avoid the $125,00.00 coffee maker.

    How to we make our federal tax dollars more creative?

     Money in Politics - Government Watchdog Organizations

    Unity08 Delegate Wiki: Watchdog Organizations that report about the money in politics and government. These sources track everything from earmarks to contract violators to wasteful spending practices by our government. These organizations help to make Washington more transparent & accountable.

     Common Cause

    Organization all about Government Accountability.
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