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    I am sorry this is long or if I am posting in the wrong forum. Thanks for indulging me.

    I have given this post a lot of tags, and a lot of thought. As some of you might have noticed I have been posting quite a lot to U08. Please forgive me if I am overdoing it. I am enthusiastic and semi-disabled, I have time and U08 has given me some hope. I really want people to have lots of information as we decide what we want for our country in '08.

    A Fiscal Focus

    Key to finding effective common sense answers to our problems start with reforms that focus on the money in government and politics.

    Effective management of taxpayer dollars and reforming the ways money adversely influences government and politics is key to setting the ship right. Focusing on effective answers to money problems is central to keeping the American Dream alive. History has shown that money, more than anything else, tips the scales of economic and social justice away from the citizenry.
    The purpose of this group is to define and root out the problems and seek proven and innovative common sense ways to reform how government manages our money. We also intend to rein in the outside money influences that corrupt the governing process. Concepts like TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY, PERFORMANCE, INCENTIVE, FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY, ETHICS, and COMMON SENSE are terms we use to seek unity. Government Watchdog Organizations and Organizations Promoting Fiscal Responsibilty can help get us there.
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