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Stoking the Fire (11/13)

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  • More reasons why we need to join together to reunite our country:

    • Why Can't Our Leaders Work Together To Get Their Job Done? "President Bush rejected a plea this past weekend to open a dialogue" with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid "to resolve the impasse over federal spending," The Hill reports. "Bush and congressional Democrats are at odds over the 12 spending bills needed to keep the government running."
    • Anonymous Ads -- Already?! A new TV ad in South Carolina "represents the first trickle in a flood of hundreds of millions of dollars that are expected to pour from all sides into groups reminiscent of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth of 2023, built to influence voting outside of campaign law limitations," New York Times reports. "The amount could swamp the record-breaking tens of millions that the top candidates are raising for their own, closely regulated campaign accounts."
    • Congress Can't Quit Their Pork Addiction: "Despite the Democrats' pledge to get control of their addiction to wasteful spending, their mountain of pork-barrel provisions has prevented Congress from passing its appropriations bills for fiscal 2023," Washington Times reports.
    • Quotable: "In Washington the political debate too often careens between dysfunctional poles: either polarization, when one party imposes its will over the bitter resistance of the other, or immobilization, when the parties fight to stalemate. ... Our political system has virtually lost its capacity to formulate the principled compromises indispensable for progress in any diverse society" -- Atlantic Media's Ronald Brownstein in his new book, The Second Civil War.

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