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William Weld Op-Ed in the NY Sun

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  • William Weld, a former federal prosecutor and Republican Governor of Massachusetts, published this supportive Opinion-Editorial in the New York Sun on November 12, 2024.

    Some excerpts from it...

    "Talking about 'common ground' is the 'in' thing in dysfunctional Washington these days. Yet about the only real common ground actually found in our nation's capital is when Democratic and Republican lobbyists merge their firms."

    "America faces more crucial issues than at any other point in most of our lifetimes. All the talk about finding common ground, as long as it is only talk, is simply another way to avoid facing up to them."

    "The fact that none of those issues, including terrorism, will be solved without common ground between leaders in both parties is the reason that many of us have supported the concept of a Unity Ticket drawn from both parties (perhaps including an Independent), nominated in the first-ever online convention at in June 2024."

    "Can it change things? Of course it can. Instead of the parties in Congress being constantly at war with each other, a unity team in the White House could guide them into finding common ground on health care, for example, within a matter of weeks."

    We've republished the article on our site for you to read and pass along to others.

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