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America's Role in International Affairs

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  • As the world’s only super power, maybe it is inevitable that we are as mocked as we are envied, but America’s reputation has suffered significantly from world opinion against our policies in Iraq. How can we improve our national prestige to be effective diplomatically? And, given our commitments to fighting terrorism, do we have the resources to intervene in human tragedies such as those occuring in Darfur?

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    The Media continues its blackout of Ron Paul despite the Straw polls he has been dominating and the republican and open caucuses throughout the USA. He has won every debate according to the people,he has the money donations from the people not corporations or lobbyists.Only person answering questions, giving solutions, telling truths and getting this nation out of war now. Yet still on CBS Katie Couric is asking 10 candidates questions and Ron Paul is not included. We have met the enemy and indeed they are in our backyards and in our living rooms.

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     The Great Catfish War

    "The fate of Vietnam's catfish offers a warning to poorer nations short on leverage in the world trading system: beware of what may happen if you actually succeed at playing by the big boys' rules." *Cited from the article.*

     Informed Comment: Blog on Global Affairs by Collegiate Professor of History at Michigan U.

    Juan Cole is a Professor of History at the University of Michigan. His blog's subtitle is "Thoughts on the Middle East, History, and Religion," but, as if that were not enough, it covers an array of American foreign policy and global affairs issues in insightful and candid prose.

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