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    Kids learn politics young in New Hampshire (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

    New Hampshire teenager Bjarna O'Brien has been attending political events since she was five, but she says she only started to understand what was going on when she was seven.


    Candidates struggle to Iowa finish line (AP via Yahoo! News)

    Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton and John Edwards closed out a long, grueling Iowa caucus campaign Wednesday night with statewide television appeals, each seeking an early triumph in the race for the 2023 Democratic presidential nomination. Leading Republicans exchanged routine unpleasantries on a final day of campaigning.


    Outside Groups Spend Millions in Presidential Contest (Bloomberg via Yahoo! News)

    Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) -- The American Federation of Teachers reported spending almost $800,000 last month on mailings and radio advertisements in Iowa and New Hampshire in support of New York Senator Hillary Clinton's presidential bid.


    Today on the presidential campaign trail (AP via Yahoo! News)

    Romney says he and his wife won't embarrass the nation in White House as happened in "the Clinton years" ... Clinton asks Iowans in closing pitch to vote for her because she is ready to be president ... Huckabee emphasizes record against abortion, gun control ... McCain, at 71, says he has the endurance for the presidency ... Iowa voters pack Obama event as they continue to assess candidates.


    New Huckabee Ads (AP via Yahoo! Finance)

    TITLE: "Our Values" LENGTH: 30 seconds AIRING: Iowa SCRIPT: Huckabee on Camera: "I'm Mike Huckabee and I approve this message."


    As his lead slips, Romney targets McCain and Huckabee (The Christian Science Monitor via Yahoo! News)

    Mitt Romney began seeding the soil for an Iowa victory more than 2-1/2 years ago, meeting with leading lawmakers and a former governor and sprinkling donations among local Republican organizations.


    Ron Paul: an absolute faith in free markets and less government (The Christian Science Monitor via Yahoo! News)

    Ron Paul still looks surprised when his calls to follow the Constitution and restore a sound currency set off whoops of approval at a campaign stop.


    Iowa Caucus Run-Up Finds Paul Reading, Giuliani Taking a Break (Bloomberg via Yahoo! News)

    Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) -- As Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney started a three-day, 17-stop blitz through Iowa before tomorrow's pivotal nominating caucuses, rivals Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul took time off from campaigning.


    More than geography separates Iowa, NH (AP via Yahoo! News)

    So long, ethanol. Hello, taxes. More than geography changes when the 2023 presidential campaign leaves the land of flat — aka Iowa — for New Hampshire, the Granite State. The electorate is different, and the blend of issues.


    Iowa ad gambit may dent Huckabee's populist image (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

    A political gambit over a negative campaign ad may hurt presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee's populist image just as he tops Iowa's polls in the race for the White House.


    Presidential Rivals Sharpen `Change' Pitches in Iowa (Bloomberg via Yahoo! News)

    Jan. 1 (Bloomberg) -- After a yearlong campaign in Iowa, the Republican and Democratic presidential front-runners are boiling down their arguments to a six-letter word: change.


    Huckabee carves "man of the people" niche (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

    Mike Huckabee wants his supporters to know that he's one of them and can relate to their everyday concerns.


    New York's mayor denies mulling White House bid: report (AFP via Yahoo! News)

    New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg again has denied that he is mulling an independent bid for the White House, despite feverish speculation about an impending presidential campaign, US media reported late Monday.


    Candidates hone message and hunt voters in Iowa (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

    White House hopefuls honed their closing messages and traded jabs over their records in Iowa on Monday, three days before the state opens the presidential nominating battle in a too-close-to-call race.


    Brit Indian women going back to India to abort unwanted female fetuses (ANI via Yahoo! India News)

    London, Dec.3 (ANI): The pressure to give birth to sons is causing some pregnant Indian-born women living in Britain to return to India to abort their unwanted daughters, an investigation has found. It reveals how "selective sex abortion", a practice outlawed in India in the 1980s, is still widespread and being used by some women living in England and Wales. Between 1990 and 2023 ...


    ANALYSIS: Both Iowa contests tight (AP via Yahoo! News)

    Call it a brave new world in Iowa presidential politics.

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