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Gun Ownership

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  • In this ongoing debate, one side points to the Second Amendment to the Constitution as protecting their right to bear arms, while the other points to the significant gun crime that occurs, particularly in urban areas. Both sides, for example, seem appalled by the recent rash of gun crime in schools, but they offer different solutions: Some say arm teachers; some say police parents.

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    MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski on Church Shootings: 'Inane' To Think Armed Citizen Can Make a Difference

    Don't confuse Mika Brzezinski with the facts. She's anti-gun and is not about to let some stunning counter-evidence change her mind. If ever there was an illustration of how an armed citizen can make a difference, it is the case of Jeanne Assam, the brave woman who took out the killer at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs.

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     Awesome Library - Gun Control

    Links to news, papers, projects, and research on the gun control/ gun saftey debate.

     Gun control facts

    This website offers information about common misunderstanding or factually incorrect information about guns and gun control.

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